Resisting the Manipulation Argument: A Hard-Liner Takes It on the Chin


  • I presented slightly different drafts of this paper to the philosophy departments at University of Tennessee, California State University Los Angeles, Virginia Commonwealth University, to the Freedom Center and Philosophy Department at the University of Arizona, and to the 2012 Bowling Green State University Workshop in Applied Ethics and Policy on the topic of manipulation. I am grateful for the helpful comments offered by many in attendance at each session. Especially noteworthy were the remarks offered by E.J. Coffman, John Hardwig, David Palmer, David Reidy, and Clerk Shaw at the Tennessee session; Mark Balaguer, Talia Bettcher, Richard Dean, and David Pitt at the Los Angeles session; Gene Mills and Tony Ellis at the Virginia session; Mark Budholfson, Juan Comesana, Stew Cohen, Rachana Kamtekar, Shaun Nichols, David Owens, David Schmidtz, and Hannah Tierney at the Arizona session; and Marcia Baron, Eric Cave, Christian Coons, Moti Gorin, Todd Long, David Shoemaker, Kevin Vallier, and Michael Weber at the BGSU session. John Martin Fischer, Todd Long, Alfred Mele, Carolina Sartorio, Patrick Todd, Brandon Warmke, and Jonathan Weinberg have offered excellent written comments, for which I am thankful. I have also profited from conversations with Terry Horgan and Jenann Ismael. I am especially indebted to Derk Pereboom for many rewarding and enjoyable conversations about the disagreement between us.