plb12006-sup-0001-SupplementarymaterialS1.pdfapplication/PDF293KSupplementary material S1. Identification of phytochelatins and thiol containing compounds by mass spectrometry
plb12006-sup-0002-SupplementarymaterialS2.docWord document2841KSupplementary material S2. Typical symptoms of cadmium toxicity in citrus
plb12006-sup-0003-SupplementarymaterialS3.docxWord document55KSupplementary material S3. Recovery assays were carried out for GSH and GSSG by spiking citrus root tissue (at the moment of sample grinding) with known amounts of standards of both analytes.
plb12006-sup-0004-SupplementarymaterialS4.docWord document53KSupplementary material S4. Effect of cadmium treatments on GSH and GSSG content in roots of two genotypes of citrus.

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