plb12013-sup-0001-Additional fileS1.docWord document30KTable S1. Summary of small RNA sequencing date.
plb12013-sup-0002-Additional fileS2.xlsapplication/msexcel69KTable S2. Maize conserved miRNAs.
plb12013-sup-0003-Additional fileS3.docWord document214KTable S3. Gene annotation and functional classification of microRNA targets.
plb12013-sup-0004-Additional fileS4.xlsapplication/msexcel22KTable S4. Novel miRNAs identified in this study.
plb12013-sup-0005-Additional fileS5.docWord document128KTable S5. Target genes of predicted novel maize miRNAs.
plb12013-sup-0006-Additional fileS6.docWord document97KTable S6. Relative expression amounts of selected conserved miRNAs in two sample replicates.

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