plb12069-sup-0001-DataS1.docxWord document21KData S1. Nucleotide sequence alignment of wild-type and mutant OsKs2 genes.
plb12069-sup-0002-FigS1.jpgimage/jpg27KFigure S1. Ac/Ds genotyping and DNA blot analysis: Ac/Ds genes detected using PCR and Southern blotting in three dwarf mutants.
plb12069-sup-0003-FigS2.jpgimage/jpg186KFigure S2. Amino acid sequence comparison of OsKS2 protein and other ent-kaurene synthases-like (KS) proteins and phylogenetic tree of amino acid sequence alignment between OsKS2 and other OsKSL proteins.
plb12069-sup-0006-FigS3.jpgimage/jpg206KFigure S3. Partial cDNA cloning of OsKS2. The largest partial cDNA (1820 bp) was obtained from Dongjin using RT-PCR.
plb12069-sup-0007-TableS1.docWord document77KTable S1. Oligonucleotides of 22 candidate genes related to the gibberellin biosynthesis pathway in rice plants.
plb12069-sup-0008-TableS2.docWord document32KTable S2. Oligonucleotides used for OsKS2 genomic DNA detection.

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