Figure S1. Timeline of WAICO1 and WAICO2.

Figure S2. Identification of ECs on WAICO1 and WAICO2 from their filter strips.

Figure S3. Seed strip mounting tool.

Figure S4. LED spectrum of light source in WAICO1 and 2.

Figure S5. Experimental container and interior.

Figure S6. Double centrifuge on BIOLAB model at the MultiUserCenter (MUSC-DLR, Cologne).

Figure S7. All single video photos WAICO1 ‘A’ ECs (large pdf file).

Figure S8. All single video photos WAICO1 ‘B’ ECs (large pdf file).

Figure S9. All single video photos WAICO2 ‘A + B’ ECs (large pdf file).

Figure S10. Complete astronaut photos at 12 days from WAICO1.

Figure S11. Astronaut photos at 12 days from WAICO2.

Figure S12. Demonstration of how in single coils the longitudinal torsion was quantified.

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