plb12126-sup-0001-TableS1-S4_FigS1-S3.docWord document347KFigure S1. Regressions of maximum quantum yield of PSII photochemistry against (a) light-acclimated quantum yields of PSII photochemistry and (b) gross photosynthesis. Figure S2. Differences in DT of hardened (four treatments) and de-hardened bryophyte shoots, comparing species and Sphagnum sections. Figure S3. Correlation between DT of peatland bryophytes induced through partial dehydration and abscisic acid. Table S1. Sampling locations of bryophytes used in desiccation tolerance experiments. Table S2. Results of hierarchical anova of DT of bryophytes collected in the field during the growing season and exposed to desiccation at three levels of RH. Table S3. Results of linear regression showing the effect of weather-related environmental factors on desiccation of bryophytes collected in a bog during the growing season. Table S4. Results of two-way anova of DT of four drought-hardened Sphagnum species (the same as used in seasonal monitoring of DT) desiccated at two RH levels.

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