Supply Chain Integration, Product Modularity, and Market Valuation: Evidence from the Solar Energy Industry



Supply chain integration is increasingly seen as a method to obtain flexibility and, consequently, to provide competitive advantage for firms within a supply chain. Product modularity, either in concert with or independent of such integration, can also produce flexibility for firms within a supply chain. In this proof-of-concept research, we explore whether the supply chain network affects each constituent firm's market valuation and how decisions regarding the level of supply chain integration and the usage of product modularity are associated with the value of the supply chain. We develop a method to identify and measure the supply chain's effect on each constituent firm's market valuation. Results indicate that greater integration is associated with a higher supply chain valuation, whereas increasing aggregated product modularity across the supply chain relates to a lower supply chain value. However, when combined, the interaction of aggregated product modularity and supply chain integration is positively associated with the supply chain's valuation.