ppa12003-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF139KFigure S1 Phenotypes of plant–pathogen interactions between rice (temperate japonica) and Magnaporthe oryzae (strain FR13). Disease symptoms were observed 7 days post-inoculation on leaves of 2-week-old plants (3/4-leaf stage) of the rice cultivars Gladio, Maratelli and Sariceltik.
ppa12003-sup-0002-figS2.pdfapplication/PDF263KFigure S2 (a) Infection rates of Sariceltik (SK) and Maratelli full grains and empty seeds as well as panicle secondary branches by Magnaporthe oryzae strain CL3.6.7 harvested from plants coming from symptomless infected seeds. Three independent sowings were carried out for each lot and the mean with standard error was calculated. (b) Infection of Sariceltik full grain (top left), awn (top right) and secondary branch (bottom left) of (a).

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