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Violence and Mood Disorder: Views and Experiences of Adult Patients With Mood Disorders Using Violence Toward Their Parents


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    The authors report no actual or potential conflicts of interest.



The study explored the lived experiences of violence by patients with mood disorders against their biological parents who were the major caregivers (13 parent–adult–child dyads), and sought to gain an understanding of the precipitating factors influencing violence.

Design and Methods

Data were collected by means of in-depth semi-structured interviews, managed and subjected to hermeneutics-guided thematic networks analysis.


The phenomenon was that violence was part of life. The four global themes were that increased irritability and poor impulse control lead to violence; violence causes anxiety; a transition from violence to nonviolence is difficult; and moving from descriptions of violence to analyses of violence is important.

Practice Implications

A comprehensive dyadic parent–child intervention program and de-escalation techniques are suggested to manage violence substantially.