ppl12021-sup-0001-TableS1.pdfPDF document109K Table S1. Primer sequences.
ppl12021-sup-0002-TableS2.pdfPDF document146K Table S2. Description of T-DNA constructs and performed analyses.
ppl12021-sup-0003-TableS3.pdfPDF document127K Table S3. Prediction of subcellular localization in silico.
ppl12021-sup-0004-FigurS1.pdfPDF document131K Fig. S1. Preparation of modified pBM-35 s vector and ligation of AtTERT constructs.
ppl12021-sup-0005-FigurS2.pdfPDF document103K Fig. S2. Localization pattern of AtTERT genomic DNA in Nicotiana benthamiana leaves.
ppl12021-sup-0006-FigurS3.pdfPDF document125K Fig. S3. AtTERT gene transcription and telomerase activity in separate parts of wt plants.
ppl12021-sup-0007-FigurS4.pdfPDF document272K Fig. S4. Southern hybridization of genomic DNA from tert −/− plants transformed by full-length AtTERT constructs.
ppl12021-sup-0008-FigurS5.pdfPDF document66K Fig. S5. Motifs involved in subnuclear shuttling of hTERT.
ppl12021-sup-0009-AppendixS1.pdfPDF document788K Appendix S1. Supplementary methods and results.

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