ppl12039-sup-0001-tableS1.docxWord 2007 document17K Table S1. Identified metabolites in somatic embryos of cell line 09.77.17 and 09.77.03 with retention indicies.
ppl12039-sup-0002-tableS2.xlsxExcel 2007 spreadsheet46K Table S2. Identified proteins in somatic embryos of cell line 09.77.17 and 09.77.03.
ppl12039-sup-0003-FigureS1.TIFTIFF image607K Fig. S1. Multivariate analysis of somatic embryo metabolite samples. OPLS-DA score scatters; (A) cell line 09.77.17 and (B) cell line 09.77.03.
ppl12039-sup-0004-FigureS2.TIFTIFF image526K Fig. S2. Principal component analysis score scatter for somatic embryo total protein samples.

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