ppl12063-sup-0001-figures1.tifTIFF image1001KFigure S1. HPLC-UV analysis of methanolic extracts of Hypericum gentianoides.
ppl12063-sup-0002-figures2.tifTIFF image1334KFigure S2. LC/ESI-MS/MS analysis was performed on the nine major acylphloroglucinols of Hypericum gentianoides.
ppl12063-sup-0003-figures3.tifTIFF image787KFigure S3. Levels of accumulation of the nine major acylphloroglucinols of Hypericum gentianoides were similar across different seasons for plants grown in the greenhouse.
ppl12063-sup-0004-figures4.tifTIFF image1023KFigure S4. Q-TOF-MS/MS spectra of phlorisobutyrophenone, acylphloroglucinol precursors, and the two partially decorated diacylphloroglucinols in Hypericum gentianoides.
ppl12063-sup-0005-tables1.docxWord 2007 document14KTable S1. Comparison of the nine major acylphloroglucinols in Hypericum gentianoides between vegetative and reproductive phase of PI 664838, and seedlings of PI 664838 and Ames 27657.

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