ppl12071-sup-0001-tables1.pdfPDF document923KTable S1. List of primers and expected lengths of PCR products described in this study.
ppl12071-sup-0002-figures1.pdfPDF document923KFig. S1. Immunoblotting detection of NbCMT3-derived fusion proteins expressed from pGDG vectors in agroinfiltrated Nicotiana benthamiana leaves.
ppl12071-sup-0003-figures2.pdfPDF document923KFig. S2. A schematic diagram representing the constructs used for transient transformation of N. benthamiana leaf epidermal cells. The full-length NbCMT3 cDNA sequence (NbCMT3-741) was cloned into the pSITEII-4C1 vector (Martin et al. 2009) to generate a venus fusion protein.
ppl12071-sup-0004-figures3.pdfPDF document923KFig. S3. Alignment of two NbCMT3 homologs with the cDNA fragment used for VIGS.

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