ppl12075-sup-0001-ppl_12075_sm_Appendix S1.docWord document30KAppendix S1. Changes in total green leaf number of maize plants grown under homogenous high nitrate (HoHN) or low nitrate (HoLN) during the experimental period.
ppl12075-sup-0002-ppl_12075_sm_Appendix S2.docWord document301KAppendix S2. Dry weight and N content of whole root and shoot (including immature grains), and root/shoot DW ratio of maize seedling and adult plants supplied with homogenous high nitrate (HoHN) or localized low nitrate (LoLN).
ppl12075-sup-0003-ppl_12075_sm_Appendix S3.docWord document30KAppendix S3. N content in immature grains of maize plants harvested 40 days after treatments.
ppl12075-sup-0004-ppl_12075_sm_Appendix S4.docWord document151KAppendix S4. 15NO3 influx rate in primary roots and seminal roots (A, B) of maize seedlings and in the last whorl of nodal roots of adult plants (C, D) under different treatments.

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