ppl12083-sup-0001-TableS1.docWord document7028KTable S1. Primers used in qRT-PCR analysis.
ppl12083-sup-0002-TableS2.docWord document7028KTable S2. Segregation analysis of the crossing lines between the heterozygous T-DNA mutants and WT by PCR.
ppl12083-sup-0003-TableS3.docWord document7028KTable S3. Segregation analysis of the two allelic heterozygous vipp1 lines.
ppl12083-sup-0004-FigS1.docWord document7028KFig S1. Characterization of AtHsp90.5 T-DNA insertion mutants of A. thaliana.
ppl12083-sup-0005-FigS2.docWord document7028KFig S2. The temporal and spatial expression patterns of AtHsp90.5 (At2g04030), according to publicly available Affymetrix GeneChip microarray data.
ppl12083-sup-0006-FigS3.docWord document7028KFig S3. The expression of embryo maturation-specific and chloroplast-specific genes in WT and 90.5-1 mutant.
ppl12083-sup-0007-FigS4.docWord document7028KFig S4. Characterization of T-DNA insertion mutants of VIPP1.

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