First record of the genus Dudresnaya (Dumontiaceae, Rhodophyta) in New Zealand waters


  • Communicating editor: S.-M. Lin.

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The genus Dudresnaya is reported for the first time in New Zealand waters. Samples were collected in Bay of Islands, northern New Zealand, on rhodolith beds and at the edge of a rocky reef, between −5 and −10 m depth. The species was identified by morphological and anatomical characters as Dudresnaya capricornica and its identity was confirmed by molecular sequence data. This species is characterized by terete radial branches, outer cortical cells cylindrical, presence of hexagonal crystals, lack of annulation and mucilage coat on auxiliary cell branches, oblique division of carpogonium and cystocarps no cleft. The rbcL phylogenetic analysis showed the genus Dudresnaya is strongly supported and sister to taxa in the family Dumontiaceae. This family is also closely related to the families Rhizophillidaceae and Kallymeniaceae. This is the first record of the family Dumontiaceae in New Zealand.