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Taxonomic revision of three diatoms found in Lake Malawi: Afrocymbella brunii (Fricke) comb. nov., Afrocymbella rossii (Kociolek & Stoermer) comb. nov., and Aulacoseira euareolata (O.Müller) comb. nov. et nom. nov


  • Communicating Editor: S. Mayama.


Based on epilithic diatom samples collected from the rocky littoral zone of Lake Malawi (102 diatom taxa belonging to 34 genera were listed in the Supporting Information) we proposed the transfer of three taxa to new genera. Afrocymbella brunii (Fricke) comb. nov. was transferred from Gomphonema because of its dorsiventral valve and its transapically elongated dorsal stigma. Afrocymbella rossii (Kociolek & Stoermer) comb. nov. was also transferred from Gomphocymbella, which is actually a synonym of Gomphonema. Aulacoseira euareolata (O.Müller) comb. nov. et nom. nov. was transferred from Melosira because of the presence of linking spines and mantle areolae, and its specific epithet was replaced because of homonymy with Aulacoseira areolata Moisseeva.