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Locating Gunky Water and Wine


  • Many thanks to Kyle Dickey, Peter Fritz, Cody Gilmore, Jeremy Goodman, John Hawthorne, Shieva Kleinschmidt, Anna Marmodoro, Bernard Molyneux, Daniel Nolan, Josh Parsons, Ted Shear, Adam Sennet, Nat Tabris, Andy Yu, Gabriel Uzquiano, Diego Tajer, an anonymous referee at Ratio, and an audience at the University of Oxford for helpful comments and discussion.


Can material objects be weakly located at regions of spacetime and yet fail to be exactly located anywhere? In this paper, I discuss a case which, at least according to one interpretation, answers affirmatively: the case of blending gunky water and wine, in gunky space. Perhaps after such a blend, the water and wine aren't exactly located anywhere while being weakly located at the location of the blend and any region which overlaps it. I show that the case is interesting and complicated, and has consequences for some ideas found in papers by Daniel Nolan and Josh Parsons.