Actin microfilaments and mitochondria distribution are considered useful markers of cytoplasmic maturation, but no information is available regarding their distribution in cat oocytes and embryos. Thus, the purpose of this study was to (i) assess cytoplasmic characteristics of the oocyte by mitochondria and actin staining in immature and in vitro/in vivo matured cat oocytes and (ii) characterize mitochondria and actin distribution in in vitro produced blastocysts by confocal laser scanning microscopy. Additionally, in vivo matured oocytes were collected to assess mitochondria and actin. Transzonal cumulus cell projections were more abundant in immature oocytes than in matured oocytes. A relocation of mitochondria throughout meiosis was not clearly observed. However, most in vitro produced blastocysts were of good quality, according to their actin cytoskeleton integrity and mitochondria distribution. The functional significance of mitochondria distribution in cat oocytes in relation to their developmental competence requires further research. This study represents the original description of actin and mitochondrial patterns in cat oocytes and embryos.