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Lack of the Associations of the Polymorphisms in IGF2, MC4R and GNAS Genes with Reproduction Traits in Pigs and Imprinting Analysis of IGF2 Gene in Ovary and Cornus Uteri


Author's address : M Oczkowicz, Laboratory of Genomics, National Research Institute of Animal Production, ul Krakowska 1, Cracow 32-083, Poland. E-mail:


In recent years, intensive attention has been put on improving reproductive performance of pigs. Several experiments aimed to identify markers associated with prolificacy, but this issue still remains open. In our study, we investigated associations between polymorphisms in IGF2, GNAS and MC4R genes with reproductive traits of Polish Landrace and Large White pigs. We did not find any significant associations for g. GNAS314T > 324C, IGF2 intron3-g.3072G > A or g. MC4R 1426G > A in Polish Landrace and Large White pigs. In the case of IGF2 intron3-g.3072G > A, this information is of great importance, because this marker is widely implemented in pigs breeding and previous experiments suggested its role in prolificacy of pigs. We also investigated expression of IGF2 gene and showed that this gene is monoallelically expressed in reproductive organs (ovary and cornus uteri).