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Sperm-TALP: An Alternative Extender for Retrieving and Diluting Epididymal Sperm in the Domestic Cat


  • K Buranaamnuay

    Corresponding author
    1. Reproductive Biology Research Group, Insititute of Molecular Biosciences, Mahidol University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
    • Author's address (for correspondence): Kakanang Buranaamnuay, Reproductive Biology Research Group, Institute of Molecular Biosciences (MB), Mahidol University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.


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Effects of sperm-TALP (TALP) on the quality of fresh-extended and frozen-thawed epididymal cat sperm were evaluated. The epididymides suspended in Tris–glucose–citrate solution (Tris), a conventional medium, and TALP were cut into small pieces to recover epididymal sperm. In experiment 1, the sperm pellets remained after centrifugation were re-suspended (1 : 2, v/v) in Tris and TALP. The sperm quality in all four groups, that is, sperm retrieved with Tris (I and II) or TALP (III and IV) and diluted with Tris (I and III) or TALP (II and IV) was assessed. The sperm motility at the 0-h incubation in TALP–TALP was superior to that of the rest (p < 0.001 to p = 0.04). At the 2-h incubation, the motility in Tris/TALP–TALP was greater than that in Tris/TALP–Tris (p ≤ 0.001). In experiment 2, after centrifugation, the sperm pellets were added with freezing extenders and frozen. The thawed sperm previously retrieved from the epididymides with Tris and TALP were allotted so as not to further diluted (Tris/TALP–O) and to further diluted (1 : 1, v/v) with Tris (Tris/TALP–Tris) and TALP (Tris/TALP–TALP) and were evaluated the quality. At both incubation times, the motility of frozen-thawed sperm recovered with TALP (TALP–O/Tris/TALP) was comparable with or significantly higher than that in the Tris groups (Tris–O/Tris/TALP; p = 0.003 to p > 0.05). The motility and viability of thawed sperm in Tris–Tris were significantly decreased during the 2-h incubation (p = 0.007 for the motility and p = 0.01 for the viability). In both experiments, neither type of diluent (Tris vs TALP) nor incubation time (0 vs 2 h) significantly affected the sperm membrane integrity under hypo-osmotic condition (p > 0.05). According to beneficial effects on the quality of fresh-extended and frozen-thawed sperm demonstrated, sperm-TALP could be used as an alternative medium for recovering sperm from the epididymides and for diluting epididymal sperm in the domestic cat.