Despite evidences that seminal leucocytes could affect semen quality, references for the frequency and concentration of these cells in bulls are not available. The aim of this study was to determine the normal concentration of leucocytes in beef bulls and to correlate this characteristic with semen quality. First, 57 bulls from artificial insemination centres were evaluated to obtain the normal leucocytary profile values. Next, 382 bulls were subjected to breeding soundness evaluation. The average concentration of leucocytes in bovine semen was 4.73 × 106/ml. Unsatisfactory bulls showed a higher number of leucocytes/field than that in the satisfactory ones. Logistic regression analysis revealed that the unsatisfactory bulls showed 6.5-fold more chances of having higher leucocyte counts than satisfactory ones. Values of up to 1 leucocyte/field in the bull ejaculate are considered physiologically normal, whereas >5 leucocytes/field is associated with poor semen quality.