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The Role of Microsite Conditions in Restoring Trembling Aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx) from Seed



Encouraging natural regeneration of Populus tremuloides Michx (trembling aspen) from seed is a largely unexplored means for reintroducing the species into reclamation areas. We evaluated the effects of microsite (surface contour and substrate type) on aspen seedling establishment and growth on a reclaimed coal mine. The 4.6 ha study site was divided into six 48 m-wide strips that had 15 or 40 cm capping material salvaged from a nearby forest floor added to the mine surface. We surveyed 126 m long transects located in the center of each strip for microsite conditions, and the presence and height of aspen seedlings. We found that aspen seedlings generally preferred mineral-organic substrates and concave microsites. To facilitate the regeneration of aspen by seed, we suggest that land managers increase small-scale roughness and microtopographic diversity on reclaimed sites.