Notes from the archives concerning the Paduan days of Thomas Savage (1481–1482)


  • I would like to thank Francesco Piovan, who generously helped me with this article. Laura Pinnavaia is responsible for the translation of the article into English.


Thomas Savage (d. 1507), who would become Archbishop of York in 1501, was certainly in Padua in the academic year 1481–82, when he became rector of the universitas iuristarum. So far very little has been known of his Paduan year, but now we can add to this knowledge two relevant documents: the rotulus (the list of teaching posts with the names of the respective lecturers) approved at the beginning of his mandate, and the doctorate in civil law he was awarded at the end of his year as a rector by the Palatine Count Girolamo Capodilista. These documents, both unpublished, allow us a better understanding of some details of his Paduan sojourn.