Padua and English students revisited


  • My thanks to the editors for their help and to Alessandra Petrina for inviting me to Padua to the conference where I delivered the contribution on which this essay is based.


This essay revisits the subject of my 1998 book, Padua and the Tudors: English Students in Italy, 1485–1603, and attempts to re-evaluate it in the context of recent developments in the field. Partly through new research it confirms the extent and importance of English student mobility in the sixteenth century, and it addresses the question of what this mobility can tell us about England's relationship with continental Europe, a theme which in recent years has undergone reassessment. The essay moves on to consider the ars apodemica and informal educational travel as areas of significance, albeit they were neglected or somewhat played down in Padua and the Tudors. I propose once more the significance of the student universities at Padua as training grounds for civic participation.