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Table SI. Log Reductions of Viruses on Produce After Washing with Tap Water

Table SII. Published Concentrations of Norovirus in Raw Sewage

Table SIII. Annual Disease Burden (DALYs per Person per Year) Associated with Consumption of Class A Recycled Water Irrigated Vegetables for the Average Melbourne Population

Table SIV. Daily and Annual Probability of Infection and Annual Cases of Infection and Illness for the Melbourne Population Considering Total Vegetable Consumption (allveg)

Table SV. Comparison of Methods Used to Evaluate Wastewater Reuse for Irrigation of Vegetable Crops Consumed Raw

Fig. S1. Deterministic model output relating recycled water concentration with annual disease burden (DALYs per person per year) for the average Melbourne population and zero withholding (allveg scenario).

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