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Table S1. Variable Importance Ranking Obtained from Random Forest and Support Vector Machine Models Excluding Simulated Data; Results are from Round II of the Elicitation and Include Responses from All Experts

Table S2. Validation Error Obtained from Fitting Models to Round II Results Excluding Manually Generated Data; Includes All of the Covariates (response∼nTotal + nStores + L + F + N + T + LD + FD + ND + TD + LCD + FCD + NCD + TCD)

Table S3. Variable Importance Rankings Averaged from Support Vector Machine and Random Forest Models Using Round I Results of the Expert Elicitation; Rank 1 Indicates the Most Important Variable

Figure S1. Density plot of Round II responses by expert category: academia (A), industry (I), and government (G). Note that total response score per group was normalized to –1,000 to +1,000 for easy comparison to the total group response (the number of experts within each groups was unbalanced).

Figure S2. Scatterplots of Round II responses by the top three covariates, NCD, ND, and N (number of consecutive days found in nonfood contact sites, number of days found in nonfood contact sites, and number of total isolations in nonfood contact sites, respectively). The response ranges from high confidence in not persistent (–1,000) to high confidence in persistent (+1,000). Note that values have been jittered along the x-axes for visualization.

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