Online Appendix A: Transitions in Marital Status

Table A.1: Transitions in Marital Status

Online Appendix B: Estimation Method

Online Appendix C: Extended Estimation Results

Table C.1: Extended Estimation Results for Table 2, the Age Dummy Coefficients

Online Appendix D: Estimation Results of the Transition Models

Table D.1: Logit Transition Models for Marital Status

Table D.2: Logit Transition Models for Children

Table D.3: Logit Transition Models for the Labor Market Status of Single Men and Women

Table D.4: Multinomial Logit Model for the Initial Labor Market Status of New Household Members and Children Entering Adulthood

Online Appendix E: Indexed Growth in Specification 1 and 2

Figure E.1: Indexed Growth of Equivalized Household Income in the Age Group 65–90

Online Appendix F: Theil Decomposition

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