Table S1. Whole-rock geochemical analyses of Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous sedimentary rocks in the Scotian Basin.

Figure S1. Plots of (A) Al2O3 versus SiO2, (B) P2O5/Al2O3 versus CaO/Al2O3, (C) Fe2O3/Al2O3 versus MgO/Al2O3 for all 445 samples.

Figure S2. Variations of (A) SiO2, (B) Al2O3, (C) TiO2, (D) Zr, (E) Cr, (F) Th, (G) V, (H) Ni against mean grain size of framework grain size for all sandstones.

Figure S3. Plot of Th/U for all screened-in mudstones against stratigraphic levels.

Figure S4. Plot of TiO2 versus Al2O3 for mudstones.

Figure S5. Variations of Na2O/K2O ratios with stratigraphic level for (A) mudstones and (B) sandstones. (C) Variation of Rb with depth for sandstones.

Figure S6. Biplots of PC1 and PC2 loadings and sample scores for major and trace elements taken together, for mudstones (A) and sandstones (B).

Figure S7. Variations of Cr and Zr against εNd of sedimentary rocks in the Lower Cretaceous of the Scotian Basin. Data are from Piper et al. (2011b).

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