Auto-Ironic Dissidence: Imagined Exile, Histories, and Communities in 1970s English Canada and Romania


  • Diana Manole

    1. Trent University
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    • Diana Manole (Ph.D., University of Toronto) is a Romanian-born Assistant Professor at Trent University (Canada), a stage and TV director, and an award-winning writer. She has published eight collections of poems and plays and several academic articles and book chapters on post-colonial and post-communist theatre.


This article analyses and compares the treatment of history in two dramatic re-enactments: the English Canadian 1837: The Farmers' Revolt, a collective creation of Theatre Passe Muraille with Rick Salutin as dramaturge, and the Romanian A Cold, by Marin Sorescu. Both plays re-enact past events as a form of anti-colonial and respectively anti-communist resistance and as a way to enable imagined exile, but their dramaturgical strategies and substance are necessarily different as each deals with a specific order of history.