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Simple Formula for Calculating Bias-corrected AIC in Generalized Linear Models



In real-data analysis, deciding the best subset of variables in regression models is an important problem. Akaike's information criterion (AIC) is often used in order to select variables in many fields. When the sample size is not so large, the AIC has a non-negligible bias that will detrimentally affect variable selection. The present paper considers a bias correction of AIC for selecting variables in the generalized linear model (GLM). The GLM can express a number of statistical models by changing the distribution and the link function, such as the normal linear regression model, the logistic regression model, and the probit model, which are currently commonly used in a number of applied fields. In the present study, we obtain a simple expression for a bias-corrected AIC (corrected AIC, or CAIC) in GLMs. Furthermore, we provide an ‘R’ code based on our formula. A numerical study reveals that the CAIC has better performance than the AIC for variable selection.