The investigation of the skin characteristics of males focusing on gender differences, skin perception, and skin care habits




Various studies have examined the properties of male skin. However, because these studies mostly involved simple measurement with non-invasive devices, a lack of understanding of the properties of male skin remains.


In this study, we focused and investigated not only on simple instrumental measurements but also on gender differences and men's subjective perceptions of skin and daily skin care habits.


Barrier function depends on corneocyte maturation level as well as sebum amount. Irrespective of the skin type, a high percentage of male subjects perceived a ‘tacky feeling’. However, the percentage of men perceiving a ‘shiny feeling’ differed by skin type. Furthermore, there was a relationship between skin care habits and skin function. Men who did not perform a daily skincare regimen demonstrated a significantly higher sebum amount and transepidermal water loss value than those who did perform a daily skincare regimen.


The results of this study indicate that male skin has two specific characteristics: impaired barrier function because of the excess amount of sebum and a lack of an appropriate skin care regimen because of the ‘tacky feeling’ caused by excess sebum.