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Examining Latino Support for Descriptive Representation: The Role of Identity and Discrimination


  • All data and coding files are available from 〈〉 for replication purposes. The author would like to thank the editors, anonymous reviewers, Al Tillery, Jason Casellas, and Geoff Wallace for their helpful comments and suggestions.



To determine the role of linked fate, cultural factors, and experiences with discrimination on support for descriptive representation among Latinos.


Utilizing data from the Latino National Survey (2006) and ordered logistic regression this article analyzes the impact of Latino-linked fate, cultural factors, and personal and group experiences with discrimination on desire for Latino representation.


A higher sense of attachment to Latino-linked fate and Spanish results in a greater desire for Latino representatives. Similarly, Latinos who believed Latinos suffered from group discrimination were in greater support of Latino representatives.


By examining descriptive representation from the perspective of how Latinos feel, this investigation improves our understanding of how attachment to a linked fate, language, and experiences with discrimination work to influence support for Latino representatives.