Molecular phylogeny and revised classification of Eucosma Hübner and related genera (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Eucosmini)



Eucosma Hübner is the largest genus in Tortricidae, currently comprising 298 described species. Its circumscription and those of the closely related genera Pelochrista Lederer, Phaneta Stephens and Epiblema Hübner have long been matters of confusion. Prior to the mid-1920s, assignment to any of these genera was largely arbitrary due to a lack of clearly defined morphological limits. Here we present the first study to examine the monophyly of Eucosma and related genera using a molecular phylogenetic framework. We find that the Eucosma/Pelochrista group splits into three lineages: (i) a new genus of Pinaceae-feeding species formerly assigned to Eucosma; (ii) a refined notion of Eucosma that is consistent with Palearctic usage and includes current North American Phaneta; and (iii) a refined concept of Pelochrista that is distinguishable from Eucosma based on female genital morphology. The new genus, described here as Eucopina Gilligan & Wright gen.n., contains the following species: Eucopina bobana (Kearfott) comb.n.; E. cocana (Kearfott) comb.n.; E. crymalana (Powell) comb.n.; E. franclemonti (Powell) comb.n.; E. gloriola (Heinrich) comb.n.; E. monitorana (Heinrich) comb.n.; E. monoensis (Powell) comb.n.; E. ponderosa (Powell) comb.n.; E. rescissoriana (Heinrich) comb.n.; E. siskiyouana (Kearfott) comb.n.; E. sonomana (Kearfott) comb.n.; E. tocullionana (Heinrich) comb.n. In addition, Ioplocama Clemens syn.n. is synonymized with Eucosma and Pygolopha Lederer syn.n. is synonymized with Pelochrista. This work is the basis for a revised world catalogue of Eucosma, Pelochrista and Phaneta in preparation.