syen12037-sup-0001-syen12037-TableS1.pdfPDF document125KTable S1. Comparison of beetle classifications.
syen12037-sup-0002-syen12037-TableS2.pdfPDF document80KTable S2. Overview of the Genbank coverage.
syen12037-sup-0003-syen12037-TableS3.pdfPDF document188KTable S3. Overview of beetle families represented in GenBank for five fragments used for phylogenetic inference, tRIs indexes for superfamilies and families and recovery of clades in the tree illustrated in Fig. 1 and Figure S1.
syen12037-sup-0004-syen12037-TableS4.pdfPDF document83KTable S4. Geographic origin of Coleoptera sequences deposited in Genbank (Data in bold refer to the regions shown in Fig. 1).
syen12037-sup-0005-syen12037-TableS5.pdfPDF document101KTable S5. Taxonomic indexes of inferred trees and an overview of misplaced taxa in five inferred trees, with GenBank accession numbers, numbers of trees where misplaced and number of fragments, for which misplaced taxon was sequenced.
syen12037-sup-0006-syen12037-TableS6.pdfPDF document918KTable S6. Taxon codes of taxa and GenBank accession numbers for terminals in Figure S1.
syen12037-sup-0007-syen12037-FigureS1.pdfPDF document18323KFigure S1. The full-resolution tree inferred from the BlastAlign of five loci and 8441 taxa by maximum likelihood analysis.
syen12037-sup-0008-syen12037-FigureS2.pdfPDF document946KFigure S2. The numbers of sequenced and known species from the loci included in the analysis.
syen12037-sup-0009-syen12037-FigureS3.pdfPDF document305KFigure S3. Number of taxa represented by various loci combinations.
syen12037-sup-0010-syen12037-FigureS4.pdfPDF document519KFigure S4. The tRI values and proportion of sequenced species (a) for superfamilies and (b) for families with more than 20 samples in the final dataset.
syen12037-sup-0011-syen12037-FigureS5.pdfPDF document114KFigure S5. The percentage of misplaced taxa and the percentage of length invariable loci for samples represented by one to four loci in the final dataset.

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