The 38th volume of Systematic Entomology comprised 48 original papers, an editorial, two opinion pieces, a book review, a software review, and a review of scale insect (Coccoidea) systematics, for a total of 817 published pages. The scale insect review was commissioned as an accompanying piece to the one virtual issue produced in 2013, the latter being occasioned by the meeting XIII International Symposium on Scale Insect Studies in Sofia, Bulgaria, held in September 2013. We intend to commission several similar reviews per volume, dealing with various insect groups where recent advances in systematic and phylogenetics justify an update on the state of the field. These are intended as snapshots focused on the current situation rather than exhaustive historiographies. Pete Cranston will serve as special review editor.

The workflow during the year has been good and fairly evenly distributed, with approximately 100 submissions received during the year at the time of writing (October 2013). The geographical distribution among corresponding authors for the 48 original papers published is, as usual, somewhat uneven: U.S.A. (12), P.R. China (5), Argentina, Australia, U.K. (3 each), Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Spain (2 each), Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine (1 each). We thank all contributors for the efforts they put into their papers. We have also made some changes in the composition of the editorial board (see opposite, top). We thank all former and current board members for their input and welcome all the newcomers.

Procedures for making new scientific names available from the time of electronic publication have now been implemented. Taxonomically sensitive papers and the new names they contain are registered by their authors in ZooBank.org, and the assigned LSIDs are published immediately below the abstract and below any new nomenclatural acts (i.e. new taxon names), as readers might have noticed. The ‘First published online’ date listed at the end of each paper is the official publication date of any new names the paper might contain.

A major change to the workflow of Systematic Entomology occurred in August, when the ScholarOne editorial centre for the journal went live. In the future, all submissions will be handled through this electronic editorial management system, which should be familiar to contributors from other journals they have published in. One month after going live, about a dozen papers had already been submitted through ScholarOne. We expect the change in procedure will make our journal's workflow more smooth and efficient.

The other major change for the journal during 2013 was the stepping down of the senior editor, Pete Cranston. His retirement had already been announced last year and his replacement, Shaun Winterton, is now fully integrated in the editorial workflow. Pete has been with Systematic Entomology for a decade and has put immense effort into the journal. All the current members of the editorial team have benefited from his help, especially when being introduced to the work as newcomers and also in the continuous day-to-day business they undertake in their roles. Happily, Pete will take a back seat rather than retire fully; as mentioned earlier, he will continue in the capacity as review editor. We thank him for his previous efforts and look forward to continuing working with him in the future.