The subtribe Leucophoropterina (Miridae: Phylinae: Leucophoropterini) is a relatively small lineage of mirids comprising 23 genera and 104 species. Most of the species are endemic to the Indo-Pacific and Australia, and many are considered ant mimics. A phylogenetic analysis including both the Australian and the Indo-Pacific taxa was conducted for the first time with a dataset of 137 morphological characters coded for all but two known species of Leucophoropterina. The hypothesis by Schuh (1984) of at least two major lineages of ant-mimicking taxa based on his analysis of the Indo-Pacific taxa continues to be supported with our inclusion of Australian taxa. The Australian taxa and Indo-Pacific taxa of Leucophoropterina do not form independent, geographically based lineages, but instead comprise several lineages containing taxa from both regions. This study provides a basis for future detailed studies of biogeography and ant mimicry in the group.