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Juraphididae, a new family of aphids and its significance in aphid evolution



A revision of the Jurassic aphid family Genaphididae revealed that the type genus Genaphis did not have the characteristics usually attributed to this family. This discovery led to a series of taxonomic decisions. The diagnosis of the family Genaphididae is emended. The genera Aphaorus, Juraphis and Pterotella are moved to the Juraphididae, fam.n. The new family is included in the superfamily Palaeoaphidoidea. Additionally, two new species, Juraphis karataviensis sp.n. and Pterotella shartegensis sp.n., are described. Phylogenetic relationships among the taxa of Juraphididae, the position of the family, and the distribution and palaeoecology of the taxa are discussed.

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