tan12269-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdfPDF document74KFigure S1. Initial genotypes and read counts automatically delivered by Conexio analysis software: (A) 35 cycles of PCR and (B) 28 cycles of PCR. Only the genotype containing the alleles with the lowest number in an ambiguity string is shown (this is also true for the ‘expected genotype’). Read counts are for forward sequencing reads plus reverse. Note that when a sample is called as homozygous, all the sequence reads associated with the called allele are listed in the ‘allele 1’ column. Data for the most abundant crossover products for each sample are shown, but there were often others in the Conexio ‘Failed Layer’ (i.e. the section of the user interface that displays sequences that, because they are of low abundance, are not considered when making the genotyping call), which, of course, did not affect genotyping. ML, Master Layer; FL, Failed Layer; CO, crossover; GT, genotype.

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