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Tembusu Virus in Human, China



Y. Diao. Institute of Poultry Disease, Agricultural University of Shan Dong Province, Dai Zong Avenue 61, Taian City 271018, Shan Dong Province, China. Tel.: +86 0538 8249851-8210; Fax: +86 0538 8241419; E-mail:



Tembusu virus (TMUV) infection in ducks, geese and house sparrows was reported in China. To confirm the emergence of TMUV in humans, we investigated TMUV as a possible infection in duck industry workers in Shandong, China. Of 132 serum samples tested, 95 (71.9%) had TMUV antibodies. In oral swabs detection, 63 (47.7%) samples were positive for TMUV RNA. Nucleotide sequences of 277 bp coding the partial NS3 protein showed more than 99.5% identity with other duck TMUV strains, which can cause severe egg drop in ducks. These findings contribute to the realization that TMUV may be overlooked as a zoonotic transmission in China.