Figure S1. Temperature (a) and pressure (b) versus depth. For the 15–40-km depth range, the parameters of the geotherm are the following: thermal conductivity of 2.4 W m−1 K−1, mantle heat flow of 27.6 × 10−3 W m−2, volumetric radiogenic productivity of 2.8 × 106 W m−3, exponential characteristic length of 8 km, and surface temperature of 288 K.

Figure S2. Strain rate versus depth calculated from equations (1) (dashed red line) and (2) (black line). The force of gravity is the only load.

Figure S3. Stress, strain and displacement predicted by the best model (reference model).

Figure S4. Stress, strain and displacement predicted by the unlocked-faults model.

Figure S5. Stress, strain and displacement predicted by the locked-faults model.

Table S1. Rheological parameters of feldspar and quartz (within the range of Bürgmann and Dresen, 2008) used in equation (1).

Table S2. Rheological parameters of the lower layer used in equation (2) (this work).

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