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Data S1. Ray-path geometry for observing undisturbed SV-waves and SWS at a horizontal free-surface, and identification of Band-1 and Band-2 directions

Data S2. APE-modelling of SWS arrivals in cracked carbonate reservoir following a critically high-pressure CO2-injection in a carbonate reservoir (Angerer et al., 2002)

Data S3. Examples of stress-accumulation and stress-relaxation before earthquakes

Data S4. Sensitivity of the prototype Stress-Monitoring Site (SMS)

Data S5. Justification for GEMS: the Global Earthquake Monitoring System

Data S6. Slower production for More Oil REcovery (SMORE)

Data S7. Monitoring production with time-lapse seismics in Single-Well Imaging (SWI)

Data S8. Optimising water-flooding by APE-modelling

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