Granite emplacement by crustal boudinage: example of the Calmayo and El Hongo plutons (Córdoba, Argentina)



This study deals with the structure and emplacement of the Calmayo and El Hongo trondhjemite plutons (Famatinian belt of Córdoba, Argentina). It provides structural data from the granites and the country rocks and a study of the magnetic fabric in the plutons. New U/Pb geochronological data yield intrusion ages of 512.1 ± 3.4 Ma and 500.6 ± 4.5 Ma for the Calmayo and El Hongo plutons respectively. The El Hongo massif and the southern part of the Calmayo trondhjemite preserve magmatic structures, whereas the northern domain of Calmayo shows the imprint of solid-state deformation. The main foliation in the country rocks outlines a boudin-like pattern at the map scale and the granites are located along boudin necks, suggesting that the emplacement of these trondhjemite plutons was linked to large-scale boudinage of the country rocks.