ter12077-sup-0011-SuppInfo.docxWord document135KData S1. Analytical Techniques
ter12077-sup-0005-TableA1.pdfapplication/PDF34KTable S1. δ13C and δ18O data for Murayhkah Formation carbonates, as shown Figures 2 and A1. *The 0-m datum for stratigraphic height is the base of the measured section.
ter12077-sup-0006-TableA2.pdfapplication/PDF35KTable S2. Location and description of samples for U-Pb geochronology.
ter12077-sup-0007-TableA3.pdfapplication/PDF49KTable S3. U-Pb data for WP045 zircons analysed by CA-TIMS (Figs 5 and A2).
ter12077-sup-0008-TableA4.pdfapplication/PDF43KTable S4. U-Pb data for WP065 zircons analysed by LA-ICP-MS (Fig. 6).
ter12077-sup-0009-TableA5.pdfapplication/PDF45KTable S5. U-Pb data for S02-04 zircons analysed by LA-ICP-MS (Fig. 6).
ter12077-sup-0010-TableA6.pdfapplication/PDF41KTable S6. U-Pb data for S02-023 zircons analysed by LA-ICP-MS (Fig. 6).
ter12077-sup-0001-FigureA1.pdfapplication/PDF313KFigure S1. δ13C vs. δ18O cross-plot of carbonates from the Muraykhah Formation, revealing no distinct correlation and a wide spread in both δ13C and δ18O values, with notably 18O-enriched values occurring in all three sections.
ter12077-sup-0002-FigureA2.pdfapplication/PDF1760KFigure S2. A. CL image of select zircons from sample WP045. Notice the bright cores and dark rims, which yield distinct trace element signatures (B–D). B-D. LA-ICP-MS measurements of cores and rims of zircons. Data plotting between the fields of the cores and rims are interpreted to reflect mixed spots. E. Age spectra for the WP045 zircons analysed by LA-ICP-MS. The youngest zircons, shown in green, yield a weighted mean age of 619.1 ± 4.6 Ma (n = 10), which is identical within error to the CA-TIMS age presented in Figure 6.
ter12077-sup-0003-FigureA3.pdfapplication/PDF20149KFigure S3. Additional specimens of possible textured organic surfaced, catalogued at the South Australian Museum. (A) SAM P47938. (B) SAM P47939. (C) SAM P47940.
ter12077-sup-0004-FigureA4.pdfapplication/PDF17501KFigure S4. Two catalogued putative Ediacaran fossil specimens. (A) SAM P47936. (B) SAM P47937.

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