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Ukrainian Labour Migration and Remittances in the Czech Republic



Our paper analyses Ukrainian migration and remittances in the Czech Republic using the data from a Ukrainian Migration Project (UMP) survey. Due to its advantageous geographical location in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic attracts the considerable part of foreign labour among all Central and Eastern European countries (CEE), with Ukrainian workers being the largest group. Our results reveal that the main determinants of Ukrainian labour migration in the Czech Republic are demographic and economic, while the human capital turns out to be insignificant. We also find that the majority of the remittances earned in the Czech Republic go to the construction of houses in Ukraine. Our findings of determinants and motives of migration and remittances might help policy-makers on both sides of the migration corridor to formulate proper policies aiming at enhancing the Ukrainian remittance transfers from CEECs and ameliorating the quality of life in Ukraine.