Equation S1. Estimation of averted disability-adjusted life years and net costs over 1.7 years.

Equation S2. Calculation of disability-adjusted life years per fatal/non-fatal disease episode.

Equation S3. Estimation of duration of ART use by study arm from 0 to 1.7 years post-enrollment.

Equation S4. Relative risk reduction in all-cause mortality among children aged <5 years attributable to water filters.

Equation S5. Estimation of increased HIV transmission associated with deferred ART treatment.

Equation S6. Estimation of averted costs of lifetime ART use attributable to LLINs and water filters.

Table S1. Model parameters for the cost-effectiveness analysis of providing LLINs and water filters to HIV-positive adults in Kenya.

Table S2. Distribution for the input parameters for the multivariate sensitivity analysis.

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