The BSUG national database: concept, design, implementation and beyond


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Key content

  • The British Society of Urogynaecology allows members to enter and access pre-, intra- and postoperative data relating to any anti-incontinence and/or prolapse procedure onto the database.
  • Treatment of patient identifiable data within the database fulfils the Caldicott Guardian principles.
  • The database allows users to create reports based on their own outcomes and complications following surgery.
  • The database is a useful tool for audit, clinical governance, personal development and appraisal.

Learning objectives

  • To understand how to access the database.
  • To understand the benefits of the database.
  • To appreciate that the benefits of the database depends on the quality of data entered.

Ethical issues

  • The issues of data protection and patient consent.
  • Who should have access to publish various outcomes using the data from the database?