Management of vault prolapse


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Key content

  • Vaginal wall prolapse is increasing in incidence with improvement in life expectancy.
  • Conservative and surgical treatments exist.
  • Treatment should be tailored to individual needs depending on prolapse symptoms, sexual function and co-existing medical conditions.
  • Indications, expertise required and complications of different procedures should be explored with available evidence.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise the presentation of vaginal vault prolapse.
  • Learn about different options available for the treatment of vaginal vault prolapse.
  • Understand the limitations and complications of different procedures and counsel patients appropriately.

Ethical issues

  • Should procedures that improve quality of life be performed in elderly patients with comorbid conditions?
  • Should simpler surgical treatments such as colpocleisis or vaginal surgery be performed to be more cost-effective compared with laparoscopic or robotic procedures?
  • How safe is it to use mesh in vault prolapse by the abdominal or vaginal route?