• asthma;
  • β-agonists;
  • corticosteroids;
  • pre-eclampsia;
  • pregnancy

Key content

  • Asthma is a common condition that affects ˜10% of pregnant women.
  • Pregnancy worsens asthma control in one-third of women, improves it in one-third and has no effect on one-third.
  • Poor asthma control has adverse effects upon maternal and fetal outcomes.
  • Good asthma management to maintain control is important in line with national guidelines.
  • Standard therapy with inhaled corticosteroids with or without the addition of short and long-acting β-agonists can be used in pregnancy.

Learning objectives

  • Comprehensive overview of asthma in pregnancy.
  • Review asthma management in pregnancy.

Ethical issues

  • Are women appropriately counselled on the pregnancy risks of asthma?
  • Are doctors aware of the safety of routine asthma treatments in pregnancy?