• medical papers;
  • peer review;
  • research articles

Key content

  • As with all skills, the art of reviewing a scientific paper can be acquired, refined and perfected.
  • It is not only a compliment to be invited to review an article but the knowledge acquired in the process, along with the continuing professional development credits gained, makes it a valuable opportunity for the reviewer, quite apart from it being a service to the journal and the scientific community.
  • This article describes the basic principles and responsibilities of reviewing a medical paper.
  • A considered peer review gives constructive feedback to the authors, enhances the credibility and value of the journal and is a service to medical science.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the basic principles of reviewing a paper.
  • To be aware of the responsibilities of a reviewer.
  • To know how to write feedback for authors and the editor.

Ethical issues

  • Plagiarism can be committed by the reviewer or author.
  • Does the allegiance of the reviewer lie with the journal or the author?